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The R☠ad So Far
09 May 2019 @ 11:37 pm
Anyone know of any new or still active communities with animated icon offers and blinkies? I miss those...
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The R☠ad So Far
07 April 2019 @ 08:02 pm

OMFG! Cena was awesome. Made my day, worth suffering through Elias.

The R☠ad So Far
29 March 2019 @ 06:13 pm
Okay....So I guess I am not watching American Assassin till I get a new DVD player. It won't work in CyberLink Power Media Player 14. WTF? It plays other DVD's and my show DVD's just fine. Anyone ever get this that uses CyberLink to watch movies/shows?

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The R☠ad So Far
29 March 2019 @ 01:03 pm
Almost done. 3 episodes I think left of season 6 part 2.

Holy hell I don't ever want to do a marathon of a show again. I don't even want to attempt one of Supernatural, that would be even worse.
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The R☠ad So Far
22 March 2019 @ 08:39 pm
I'm both sad and okay with this. I have not liked latest seasons for a while, which you guys have known. It had become boring for me, but it's picked up a little. Figures it would for me just in time for the finale. They better get a good ending or their deaths mean something worthwhile. Thankful for this fandom and for the online friends I made cause of it. :)

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The R☠ad So Far
01 March 2019 @ 05:07 pm
Happy Birthday to Jensen Ackles! My main reason for sticking with Supernatural for so long.

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The R☠ad So Far
30 January 2019 @ 03:00 pm
Sign Up Image

Love movies and TV shows? Love 20in20s? Love making icons? Then this is the community for you. Round 07 signups are now up!

The R☠ad So Far
30 January 2019 @ 02:30 pm
The 300th Supernatural episode spoilery images are killing me! Why did I do Supernatural for Round 07's theme for the graphics? If you don't want to see them, don't search 'Supernatural' right now for images. So much feels for just a couple pictures especially one in particular. Think this may be the episode that brings me fully back in. :)
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The R☠ad So Far
29 January 2019 @ 05:04 pm
Does anyone on my list have Amazon Prim and if so can we connect it to a Blu-Ray? For the CBS All access? I would like to watch some shows on my TV not just my computer. Back starts to hurt after a while of being at my desk ever since I pulled that muscle.
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