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05 October 2015 @ 08:50 pm
Round 12 – Halliwell  

20 icons for spn20_20
Claim - Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins

other project casual silly dreamlike convention
sitting accessory plus one carefree colorful

Category – Celebrity Crush
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artist’s choice
choice 1
choice 2
choice 3
choice 4
choice 5

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Emma Rose (Emily)emmatheslayer on October 6th, 2015 09:27 am (UTC)
awesome work on every single one
The R☠ad So Far: 15 © Smokinlily @ Mochatinihalliwell on October 6th, 2015 09:17 pm (UTC)
Thank you. :)
Kaylee Winchesterroguem on October 6th, 2015 01:21 pm (UTC)
Very nice.
The R☠ad So Far: 10 © Christie @ Sassiedhalliwell on October 6th, 2015 09:18 pm (UTC)
Thank you. :)
Gabby: jared omggabby227 on October 7th, 2015 05:44 pm (UTC)
These are pretty! I seriously adore the coloring on other project, like, so much. Great job. <3
The R☠ad So Far: 3 © FAWNS @ Smirkyhalliwell on October 7th, 2015 09:23 pm (UTC)
I honestly couldn't decide on what to use for other project, then when I did. It was hard to choose a picture. But glad you like that one. :)

Thank you.
tarienemrys: Jensen- smiletarienemrys on November 15th, 2015 10:30 am (UTC)
These are lovely! My faves are plus one, colorful, cat 4, ac1, ac2 and ac4. Great job!