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22 July 2017 @ 04:21 pm
Dreamwidth Crossposting Tutorial  
Not sure if there was one out there, but decided to do a short tutorial on how to do crossposting from Dreamwidth to LiveJournal since a friend asked how to do it. First time making a tutorial. So if anyone gets stuck or has any questions, feel free to ask.

Once your done with your post or you just wish to get it started. Go down to the grey area of the post boxes and click Crossposting setting.

Go to where it says Add New Account

1. Click the link called Site and choose LiveJournal.
2. In the Account Name box type in your LiveJournal username.
3. In the </b>Password</b> box, type in your LiveJournal Password.
4. I highly recommend pressing the Save Password button, but that is up to you.
5. After the Save Password, you can choose your security for your crossposting.
6. Then once your done filling all that out, just click the Create Button.

1. Once you are back to your post page, go back to the grey boxed area below your entry and click on the button after Crosspost This Entry.

2. Then you go down after that and click the button where it says YourUsername@Livejournal.com. After that step is complete you can then click Post to your entry, and it should show up on both your Dreamwidth and LiveJournal account.

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