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The R☠ad So Far
18 September 2014 @ 12:00 am
Thank you so much for the friends only banner Nikki! (Please do not steal or use in anyway!)

Formerly mysticfalls, winchestural, delenas and stephenamell.

My Communities -
harvestspice (My graphics community)
tvmovie20in20 (My TV/Movie 20in20 icon community)
disney_20in20 (My Disney 20in20 icon community)
charshipsclaims (My claiming community)

Please do NOT add me without asking first, thank you! I also do tend to cuss and I won't censor, I also love slash fanfic. Do not add me if you have nude photos in your journal, I hate that! That will get you banned.

Selectively AddingAddingNot Adding

If my icons say - Made for my use only, please do not take!. Also goes for my friends only banners. Then please do not take and use anywhere, thanks! No taking or sharing my custom graphics, please.
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The R☠ad So Far
09 December 2018 @ 04:55 pm
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The R☠ad So Far
30 November 2018 @ 11:24 am

Presents can include anything and everything your heart desires.. example: icons, blinkies, banners, sigtags, notes, gifs, recipes, manips, fanfic, music, poems, basically anything.

Got my own post post here. If you got a present post, feel free to link it here. Thank you amazing for hosting it this year! :)
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The R☠ad So Far
04 November 2018 @ 07:45 pm
Lol doing my Supernatural set for episodes20in20, and 'Carry On My Wayward Son' just came on my music station. And all I can picture is Jensen singing this instead of Kansas. Is this song and me FINALLY finding Supernatural stuff in a store to buy a sign? Should I be worried? ;)

Which is funny cause I'm listening to my Kid Rock station on Pandora. Funny how they only play like 1 song an hour from Kid Rock, 2 if your lucky. And ones of everything else not related to him.
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The R☠ad So Far
31 October 2018 @ 12:20 pm

Hope everyone has a safe and Happy Halloween!
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The R☠ad So Far
03 October 2018 @ 09:27 pm
Did a Halloween/Fall type special round for tvmovie20in20. I am already almost done with my set, and I just barley put up the themes. :)

Monthly time talksCollapse )

Today's Sunset PhotoCollapse )

Got coloring day/girls day tomorrow, gonna grab Taco Bell $5.00 boxes for our meal for the day. Should be a nice relaxing day hopefully. :)
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The R☠ad So Far
20 September 2018 @ 04:13 pm
Anyone know of any animated Horror movie mood themes still active that I can use and download? Or any horror or even animated fall ones?
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The R☠ad So Far
19 September 2018 @ 09:49 pm
Never had so many favorites on America's Got Talent. All the ones remaining now are my favorites, though a few just left. I think Michael will one. It's hard to choose a main favorite. Only half way through tonight. About to let one go of the top 5. Was hoping Garth Brooks would be singing on the show, but forgot Simon called him out to write a song. Still glad to see him then though.
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The R☠ad So Far
30 August 2018 @ 07:47 pm

Disney_20in20 is a 20in20 icon community based around
Disney movies and shows. Round 02 is now up!

If you want to participate, signups are open for the entire duration of this round.

The R☠ad So Far
18 August 2018 @ 03:52 pm

Disney_20in20 is a 20in20 icon community based around
Disney movies and shows. Round 01 is now up!

If you still want to participate, signups are open for the entire duration of this round.