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Always and F☠rever
18 September 2014 @ 12:00 am


Please do NOT add me without asking first, thank you!

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Used to be mysticfalls and stephenamell.

Please look here to see if we have anything in common. If you consistently change usernames, please do not add me. It's very hard to keep up. Once in a while is fine though.

If my icons say - Made for my use only, please do not take!. Also goes for my friends only banners. Then please do not take and use anywhere, thanks! No taking or sharing my custom graphics, please.
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Always and F☠rever
19 February 2017 @ 01:19 am

20 icons for character20n20

I chose Hydra for petty, personal, selfish reasons...Collapse )
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Always and F☠rever
17 February 2017 @ 03:35 pm
I finally got around to doing my friends cut I wanted to do at the beginning of the year. I do hate to do these. But I mostly just removed friends that are either not active, don't comment much, never commented, or I never commented or we never really clicked. If you feel that I have removed you by mistake, or you want to try again. Free free to ask to be re-added either here or on my Friends Only post. If I have removed you, please remove me as well from your list. Unless you want to be re-added.

I hope there is no hard feelings, and wish you guys the best of luck.
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Always and F☠rever
04 February 2017 @ 12:43 pm

20 icons for once20in20 + 4 Alternatives

Did not think I would get these done on time with my mouse problems, but was able to. I like that this round was a bit different then normal. :)

I will find you. I will always find you.Collapse )
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Always and F☠rever
17 January 2017 @ 12:35 am
Had a nice day today. Went with Kathy and Lisa today now that I am not sick anymore. We were going to walk, but Kathy had errands to run. We went pay a bill, and then to Walmart. We ended up walking around in there for about 45 minutes, so we decided to just wait for the park walk till Tuesday. Finally had a chance to buy some batteries for my camera, will probably take that on our next park walk. Been wanting to take more nature shots again. Also bought Kathy a book she been wanting as well. Was very nice outside today, though as we were coming back it got windy quick. But was great to get out of the house, most of the usual family members came over again today. I swear we can not have just one day to ourselves, someone always has to come over. Game night is this, should be fun no matter who shows up or what we play. Think I'll catch up on Season 2 of Teen Wolf this week.
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Always and F☠rever
06 January 2017 @ 08:53 pm

20 icons for thecw_20n20

Dear Diary, today will be different. It has to be.Collapse )
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